Getting across that rope bridge

Why is it that some people are ok and others are not when faced with walking across a rope bridge or something that makes us feel a little uneasy? Why do some of us think or believe the bridge will be safe to cross and some of us think or believe it to be dangerous and should not be attempted?

What makes some of us able to walk across it, even if it seems to be a bit of a risk, and others could not even put a foot on it to begin to cross?

How we think about many things influence our beliefs. Things we have read, things we are told, things we have seen or our own experience of something.

We form our understanding of the world by what has influenced us and our evaluation of it. It could also be someone else’s evaluation presented to us that forms that belief. If you are told repeatedly that it is dangerous to walk on a rope bridge then that may become your belief or you may decide that your own evaluation is more sound and ignore the warning.

If you had no choice but to cross the rope bridge each day you will eventually do so without fear. It may be difficult at first but by crossing it safely many times your fear would subside because you have learnt and formed the belief that it is safe to use the bridge and will do so calmly.

Most people would not find themselves in a position when the need to cross a rope bridge but can feel that way about getting on an airplane, walking on a stage or standing up to give that best man speech.

Hypnotherapy can allow you to overcome your fears and anxiety comfortably and safely, changing your belief so that you can get on with your life without the fear ands anxiety controlling your behaviour.

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