What happens in a hypnotherapy session?

What happens in a hypnotherapy session?


The treatment and what it entails will be explained and you can ask all the questions you wish.

In the first session we will discuss what you would like to address and consider how hypnotherapy, homeopathy or both can help so that you can make an informed decision concerning what type of therapy you would like.

Your case history or some background information will be taken. The rest of the session may be a session of hypnotherapy, evaluation of homeopathic remedies required or both according to the time available and your requirements. There will be an opportunity for you to talk about any aspect of your experience or treatment should you wish.

I may ask you to do some tasks between sessions if this would benefit the work that we have done during the session.

This may be self hypnosis, (you will be taught this if required), complete a diary or something specific to your situation and would be agreed with you before completing.

All information that you give is confidential.

Subsequent sessions will follow a similar format following an evaluation of your progress and discuss any further issues before proceeding with hypnotherapy, homeopathy or both.


The number of sessions will depend on a variety of components.

Very simple conditions can be treated in one appointment and many can be treated in three to six sessions.

Hypnotherapy can work rapidly, particularly when combined with homeopathy, but will be influenced by your state of mind, the condition being addressed and how well you respond to the treatment,